8 x 50R Austrian Mannlicher charger clip

Please bear with me for asking this bevy of questions. Is the charger clip pictured for the 8 x 50R Austrian Mannlicher rifle? What is it’s correct description? The clip is marked KC at the bottom. I dare to presume it’s Keller & Co?Then, I got it with three cartridges, also marked K&C. Do they match the clip in age?


Yes, “KC” on these clips and cartridges stands for Keller & Co.

Here’s something I just did that shows the 4 forms of clips used in Austro-Hungarian Mannlicher military rifles. It’s a bit rough and ready, I’m afraid.

There was an earlier flat sheet metal prototype clip that I’ve only seen a sketch drawing of and rifles have at times been modified to use 7,9x57 cartridges with clip loading being adapted to use the regular “Mauser” pattern.


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Thank you for the information, Peter.