8 x 50R mm Mannlicher Grenade Launching ? Cartridge

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Recently acquired this cartridge. Convex “wad” in the mouth, does not shake so possible black powder load. Serrated rim.
Headstamp is II 19 15 Crown.
municion.org shows it as a Grenade Propelling cartridge. The seller described it as a Trench Mortar Blank.

Enlightement most welcome


Motz shows two variations on page 227 of his Volume one. One has a slightly domed bullet, (which I have with the same headstamp you note) “for rifle grenade with time fuze” The one pictured has a IV quarter manufacture & is otherwise the same. The other which is the same use, has a flat red cardboard disc.

The Domed Bullet version if for Ignition of the Time fuse in a tube channel through the Grenade Body ( common to several WW I Rifle grenade types of both sides); Some even used an ordinary Ball round to “jam” in the Channel to provide the Gas Propulsion chamber.

The wadded one is for normal " cup " or “Spigot(rod)” Type grenades (By far the most common).

Some “Trench Mortars” ( mostly early, DIYs) used a rifle action and stub barrel attached to the Main Tube to contain a Propellant Launching cartridge ( again, common on all sides).

The serrated rim was to positively distinguish these as “Launching” Cartridges" and NOT “Training Blanks” ( “TriebsPatrone” and NOT "PlatzPatrone or “Salut-Patrone”).

Doc AV

The one I pictured has the domed bullet…I started out calling it a convex wad but domed bullet is a better description…