8 x 56R bullet

I came upon this 1939 8 x 56R Kropatschek round with a note taped to it indicating a experimental bullet.
Bullet is non magnetic. Brass bullet with copper band. Picture looks like a cn bullet.
Can anyone tell what the bullet is? Name/designation?
Bob R.

The ctg is 8x56R M31 commonly called 8mm Hungarian. IIRC the bullet is a training bt designed to break up on impact to eliminate ricochets on ranges and is common.

Thank you for the information.

Bob, your round is not an 8x56R Kropatschek but an 8x56R Hungarian Mannlicher.

It was Made at the Állami Hadianyaggyár (State Ordnance Factory), Csepel (Near Budapest, Hungary) in 1939.

The 8x56R Portuguese Kropatschek and 8x56R Hungarian Mannlicher are two completely different calibres. The Kroptaschek has a wider rim, longer neck and more curved shoulder.

Right you are.
My mistake.
Is the bullet for training purposes (training bullet)?

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