8 X 56R Hungarian

I have a 8 X 56R Hungarian that has a steppted 2 piece bullet. It is a pointed bullet with a 8mm brass tip. The remainder of the bullet is either GM or GMCS. The brass part is NOT magnetic, but the bullet is strongly magnetic below the brass part, indicating a steel core. What loading is this?
What is the proper military designation for this load?

Also, the headstamp is AH / * / * / 40 / with a punch mark. What is the signifence of the punch mark?


This is a short range load.

Unhappily, I do not know the Hungarian name for it…As far as I know, we have somebody here sending posts from Hungary? He may knows?
The stepped bt was designed to lessen the aerodynamic properties of the projectile.


It is listed as "36 M. c

Apparently there are two different types of this loading. The one you have (which I don

Your cartridge is the Hungarian developed and made cartidge for short range shooting (although i’m Hungarian, i have never seen this before)
I have only seen the Austrian made AH (note: not

Thanks for the information. I had never noticed that there are two differnt forms of the AH momogram in headstamps. I will have to go back and look at my other AH cartridges now. The one in the scan is the only one I have of this loading.

Phil–Thanks for the links to the Hungarian Military page. What a great site. I never knew there were that many load types in the 8 x 56R. I note that parts of the site can be viewed in Hungarian, German or English, but not the cartridge part. Too bad. I am sure there is a wealth of information there if we could only read Hungarian.

In Kent’s book on 7.9 ammo a similar round in 7.9x57 is shown in the Czech chapter. It was a training round meant to break up on impact and eliminate ricochets. It is said to be based on an Austro-Hungarian design.