8 x 56R Hungarian


In the Bulgarian headstamp on a 8 x 56R Hungarian are the Cyrillic letters “VF”. I assume this is the Factory that made these. What does “VF” stand for? Where was the factory located.


VF ( in cyrillic, B phi) ==Voinni Fabryka== War or Military factory.
headstamp identifier which came into use after WW I, to replace “CA”, Sophia Arsenal. Location of VF is outside Sofia, it has been noted before, some one may have the city.
On packets, it is usually stamped in cyrillic “DVF” (Dom Voinni Fabryka) Dom meaning an establishment or location.
VF is mostly seen on 8x56R, but some 8x50R had it in the early 1930s.
This headstamp ceased in 1944-45, with the surrender to the Soviets (late 1944) Frrom the 1950s onwards, the same factory used “10” as their ID code.
VF appears on both Brass (1936-1942) and Steel cased( 1941-44) 8x56R

regards, Doc AV
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