8 x 56R Mannlicher


I’m looking for a site (if there is one) that deals with the 8 x 56R Mannlicher I’m trying to find what the designation of the various color tips are.


Try this one.

militiahungarorum.extra.hu/1920_ … gl_31.html


@ Pivi, Thank you very much for this link.

Please give attention to this part;

Staatsfabrik, Hirtenberg, Ausztria (AH)
Állami Hadianyaggyár, Csepel (ÁH)
Magyar Lőszerművek Rt., Veszprém (ML)

Unfortunately I have never noticed that Hirtenberg also used the “AH” head stamp during WW2. The difference between the Hirtenberg and Csepel head stamp is the tiny stripe (´ ) on top of the “A”.
On the few head stamps on the 8 x 56 rounds in my collection I see that the Csepel head stamp is a little taller as the one from Hirtenberg.



Hirtenberger started manufacturing 8x56R Mannlicher ammunition for the Hungarians during the inter-war years, starting in the early 1930s. They used the “AH” (Állami Hadianyaggyár) headstamp as a clandestine mark to conceal the fact from the Allied Arms Control Commission, but as Dutch says their cartridges can be distinguished from those made at Czepel by the absence of the diacritic mark above the A.

They wouldn’t have had any such scruples once they were taken over by Gustloff Werke, and if they manufactured any cartridges for Hungary from 1939 onward would probably have used the Nazi Eagle, or later when Hungary was also annexed, the P635 or am marks.

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[quote=“Pivi”]Try this one.

militiahungarorum.extra.hu/1920_ … gl_31.html[/quote]

This is a very interesting site which has the option of translation into several languages including English.