8 x 56R mm Kropatschek Blank

Pictures below of an 8 x 56R mm Kropatschek wood bullet blank with no headstamp. Cotton wadding above about 20 grains of FFg black powder. All of these I have encountered thus far, both ball cartridges and blanks, employ the G. Roth central flash hole and Berdan primer, as opposed to two flash holes, as this one has. Any info welcome, maker, etc. Thanks, Randy


Interesting “no headstamp” Kropatschek cartridge discussion here: Help to identify the case


Having dis-assemble many, many Kropatschek rounds both blanks and ball, I have only seen the no headstamp version with the wood tipped blanks. Also, the wood tipped blanks seem to be made from rejected brass as the lengths are greatly varied and many with dents from forming in the shoulders.

As for the flash hole, it sees that centered flash hole in the “groove” is used primarily with Black Powder where as the dual flash holes on either side of the anvil is for smokeless. I have seen two types of smokeless - large tubular and small disks with a hole in the center. I have only seen the blanks loaded with BP.

But this is just my personal experience, not anything documented anywhere.


I would wonder if the case with the twin flash holes isn’t Portuguese production at all, but rather a contract item. Portugal continued to use the Austrian type central flash hole at least into the 1930s for its .303 and 6.5 m/m Mannlicher cases. Jack