8 x 57 ID


I’m far from that mausercrack. These two German WWII 8 x 57 cases should be S.m.E (Spitzgeschoß mit Eisenkern -pointed bullet with iron core) according to my documentation. But someone told me the one with the whole blue primer is not often encountered. So question to the experts: is there something special to it and if so, why?



This was the first use of a primer 30/40 on a non blank cartridge.
They were afraid the Zink plated primer could rust. You can find them with a blue, green and red colour.
They soon found out it was not necessary.
After a few lots, all made in 1943 they gave the primer the normal annulus colour showed in your second round,.



Thanks, Dutch. Now I can start an RGB-search :) .