8 x 57 R 360

I have a cartridge headstamped "R W S 8X57 R 360"
It is tinned round-nosed soft point.

What does the “360” mean?

It is mentioned in a French book on cartridges as the European version of the British .360 Minex. But in the “Carts of the World” it is described as a copy of the .360 No2 Nitro Express.

360 because it is derived from the 9.3 X 72R,also called 360 express


there is also a 8 x 72R 360 made by sauer&son,derived from the 9.3 x 72R sauer 360=9.3 mm cartridge

Is it like this?

In my COTW is described as derived from the 9.3 x 72R case.It is very smaller than the 360n2 case ,altough the two can have similar performance.
It is very similar to the 8 x 57IR cartridge.My sample has the same base and rim diameter of the 9.3 x 72/360 express case.


Pivi–Yes, that is exactly the same cartridge as mine. Same headstamp and bullet. Except mine is a loaded round with a flat brass Berdan primer. Thanks for the information.

Here is a picture of the box (DWM manufacture)
PS: the box is full, if somebody is interested, I don’t collect anymore this staff.

JP - Can you tell me what was the hs on that DWM 8x57R/360 ?

Also, it would probably be more true to say that the 8x57R/360 was derived from necking down the 9.3x57R E Express (which was produced earlier than the 9.3x72R types). There are over 45 different German and Austrian case types that were based on the English .360 case.

Ron, its normally not a tinned jacket but nickle clad soft steel jacket.

8x57 R / 360 is Germany hunting cartridge from year circa 1896. His case
has head from English cartridge .360 BPE and other is assumed from German
8x57 J. Body case 8x57 R /360 is slimmer than 8x57 R - base is 11.00 mm
versus 11.95 mm. Cartridges was used for hunting on middle distance.
Nowadays is already obsolete - normal fabrication finished c. 1972. Now
him produces only in small quantity W.Romey . Bullet with weight 12.5
gramme had V0 620 m/s. Cartridge was producing : Utendoerffer, RWS, DWM
(No. 446), G.Roth (No. 661), J.Roth, Sellier&Bellot, Geco , MWS . In
Germany arose several cartridges with rim and base from .360 BPE.

I agree.Do you remember my topic about 9.3 mm/360 cartridges?I have posted it because the 360 world is a real mess!!!

I agree,it is slimmer than 8 x 57IR.As I wrote,it is similar to it not identical.
Thanks for the makers list!!!


DWM 8x57R 360

h_broemel–The bullet in mine is definitely tinned, not cupro-nickel. The tinning has worn off in places showing the Gilding Metal underneath.

Thanks to everyone for the good information on my cartridge.

Mine too.It is tinned steel jacketed


More completion:
This cartridges was also in Czechoslovakia producing factory : Munition works Bratislava Headstamps M in circle), Zbrojovka Brno (Z) and Povazske Strojarne (PS). Firm Povazske Strojarne cartridges loaded six type bullets at intervals 5.45 - 13.2 gramme. Mostly used was bullett 13.2 gramme that the have had velocity in 25 m = 540 m/s.