8 x 58R Danish Krag with odd bullet


I think this is one of those “it fits so i’ll put it in there” jobs. I have a fired 8x58R Danish Krag case headstamped:


This was fitted with a lead cored GMCS RN FMJ bullet. I pulled it as I thought it was a put-together job, it has a “K” base mark. It has a curved cannelure that is not knurled. Is this some sort of Kynoch bullet or something else? I doubted it was original as I have an inert unfired HL 8x58R Danish Krag round dated 1928 and this has a lead cored CNCS Spitzer bullet.


Any ideas?


I don’t know what it is, but it might be possible to conclude it doesn’t belong in that case if the overall length of the loaded round isn’t proper for the Danish Krag. In the Danish cartridge the bullet is rather deep seated, and if the crimping cannelure of the bullet in question provides for a “long” round it is suspect. I don’t have a Danish Krag round at hand, but if you could measure the OA of yours it would give us a place to start. JG


I have another example of an Original Danish round that is fitted with a CNCS spitzer bullet that is very deep seated. The suspect bullet in question has a base stamp of “K” which says Kynoch to me. The diameter of the suspect bullet is .323". Now I need to know if Kynoch ever loaded a GMCS FMJRN 7.92x57.