8 X 60 R mauser

Can someone tell me if this is the “I” or the “S” version?
There are some green sealant leftovers around the primer pocket.
Neck diameter is .348" / 8,85 mm,but,having been fired ,the original neck diameter should had been a little smaller.

Pivi - as far as I know , the “Zbrojovka Brno, AS, zavod II Povazska Bystrica” at Bystrica in Slovakia only listed the non “S” version. This is shown in pre-WW2 catalogs as such and is confirmed in SMATANAs book on Czech cartridges (ZABUDNUTA MUNICKA NA POVAZI).

After WW2 it’s successor Povazske Strojarne (PS) only appear to have listed the “S” version with "PS * 8x60RS * hs but it is rumoured that non “S” loadings may also have been produced (unconfirmed). As you know they use the same case anyway.

Ok,thank you very much