8 x 68 S RWS Magnum by Lapua


Does anyone have a picture of an 8 x 68 S RWS Magnum made by Lapua?


Fede, I have never seen a reference that stated that Lapua produced the 8x68S.

What makes you think that they produced this calibre ?


It is listed as new in Lapua 1986 catalog.


Interesting ! - I will check that out when I get back home to my references. I suspect that they never went ahead and produced 8x68 but I would be happy to be proven wrong.


Fede, I don’t have the 1986 Lapua catalog but I do have a copy of their 1987 production plus several Factory datasheets around that time and I do not see the 8x68 mentioned at all !?!

I think we can assume (?) that it wasn’t produced but I would still like to see a scan of the 1986 factory production if possible.



It’s only listed in this table (spanish edition):

I believe this is probably a mistake because bullets listed for this caliber are D46 (7,62 x 51, 7,62 x 54 R & 30-06) and E401 (.300 Win. Mag., but no yet introduced). If this 8 x 68 is in fact a .300 Win. Mag. (7,62 x 67) I don’t know, but probably.


Fede - thanks for doing the scan.

The 1987 English Catalog is practically identical to yours except that product number 4317600 is shown as a 30-06 with the same precision bullet and the same ballistics as your catalog.

The 1988 and 1991 catalogs have the same entry for 4317600 as the 1987.

Like you, I think this is just a mistake in the 1986 Spanish catalog.


Brad - this brings up the question of whether or not the 1987 and subsequent Lapua catalogs show the .300 Winchester Mag., regardless of index number?


John, Lapua spanish 1989 catalog list:

4317600 = 7.62x63 30-06 = D46 bullet plus many others

4317191 = .300 Win Mag = D46 bullet
4317197 = .300 Win Mag = EB423 bullet
4317193 = .300 Win Mag = B46 bullet
4317195 = .300 Win Mag = E401 bullet

Someone ordered that “8 x 68 (NEW)” was printed between the 30-06 codes (4317570 to 4317567) but I don’t know the reason.