80 mm compressed air mortar from WWI

(I took this out of the post “shotshells for JP” because too many things are mixed inside).
Here is a picture of the factory drawing (too big for a scanner because it is 1/1 scale).

Total length : 1,23 m
Weight : 34 kg
The tube has 3 rifflings.
Maximum working pressure : 250 kg

The mounting is:
length 0.80 m
width 0.20 m
height 0.31 m
weight 16 kg

The projectile looks like a bomb, it is in steel with the tail in aluminium.
Total length : 585 mm
Diameter 80 mm
Weight : 8 kg
Range : 1000 m !!!

How was the compressed air to operate this mortar supplied?

I have no idea Falcon.
Surely from the tank engine.
PS: I don’t know where you are located in England, but it would be a good idea for you to visit many places like Birmingham Proof house, Patents house and so on, if you like to find interesting documentation on ctges.

Almost nobody do that but they are gold mines to find interesting things;