.825 Express Mag

Somebody has leard speak about .825 Express Mag? it


From left: .44 Mag, .825 Std, .825 Premium, .357 Mag.


Now THAT is a funny write up. ;) ;)

I’ve placed my order for one of the revolvers - as soon as the bugs are worked out.

Thanks for that link Hammer.


Yes,it could very helpful against that damned dinosaur that every night comes to eat your potatoes in your vegetable plot

Am I wrong or are pistol calibers over .50 now legal?
Seems there was a big fuss about the Action Arms Desert Eagle being .51 Cal & production was limited to .50?

I don’t know about the law and all its nuances, although I think you are correct, but do you think they really mean to make this thing. The whole tenor of the article was that this is whimsical. Basically, a joke. I didn’t read the article thoroughly, no time right now, but I did a quick scan. Who could shoot this gun?!

I could shoot this pistol…pulling the trigger with a very long wire

92 ft/pounds to 125 ft/pounds of recoil energy…from a pistol!!!


Handguns over 50 caliber are still considered to be “Destructive Devices”. You can get exemptions with a lot of paperwork and begging so most manufacturers choose to avoid the headaches and go with 50 cal.

The Action Arms fiasco had to do with the type of rifleing they used in their barrels. It was polygonal and the BATF&E range rod fell thru even though it was technically a 50 caliber. Rather than fight, they switched.

The 825 Magnum is, of course, a joke. Although in this day and age it may not be wise to joke with the feds. Especially if you have an FFL. They have ways to make you rue the day you made jokes on them.


Thanks verY much for the link Hammmer.
But , sorry, I don

It is not a joke.It is a copy of Chuck Norris’ pistol and ammo,although on a preview thread his cartridges are described and pictured as bottlenecks.
Well,Chuck switched to a bigger caliber

Slick Rick will no doubt have a complete set of these…I understand that Mr. Norris usually shoots his without the compensator attached. He does use a two hand hold when using the “Premium” loading. How else did you think he keeps his mustache so well trimmed?


No matter how silly the cartridge there is always someone who will buy it. You could certainly impress the guys down the range with this one.

Yea, right after you remove the pistol from your forehead! Funny article! LOL