8mm (7.92 Mauser) multiple head-stamp identification

Hello there!
I bought a wacky pack of 8mm (7.92mm) Mauser rounds.
I am hoping i can get some information about some, or all of them.
Then Ill post updates when i find out, to help other users.


The one labelled p635 is a nazi german ball bullet manufactured in 1940

K 61 7.92 - British Tracer, probably for export with the caliber at the bottom of the headstamp.

P635 - You could call that from “Nazi Germany” but it is actually made in Austria, by Hirtenberg. I forget exactly when Germany and Austria (and perhaps the Sudetenland) became “Gross Deutschland” or “Greater Germany.”

RWS E37 - sS ball, for export. I am tempted to ascribe the letter “E” in the headstamp to “España,” but all the boxes I have seen that held these rounds were from Portugal.

The one with the little sunburst insignia is Chinese.

The “D” headstamped German WWI cartridge is from the Kõniglich Sächsische Munitionsfabrik Dresden, with the “E16” indicating a steel case made in 1916.
The “S” I believe stands for the “S Case” which is 7.9 x 57 Mauser.

19 / Z / 40 / V is Waffenwerk Brünn, Werk Povazska Bystrica, from Czechoslovakia, case made in 5th Month of 1940. The green seal indicates it is type sS ball. They were simultaneously making type S and type SS ball in those days.

K DWM K J - is an export cartridge from Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken A.-G., Werk Karlsruhe. Much of this ammo went to Spain and Portugal, I think. It is definitely found in Portuguese boxes properly labeled.

The German occupation of Austria (so-called Anschluss) took place in March 1938. Hirtenberger factory became part of the Gustloff group.

This example of the RWS E37 round with dark sealant and distorted primer crimps was remanufactured in Portugal on a later date.

this was on a belt of 150 similar rounds. I was told it was german
and i bought it. But i cant find similar german rounds listed.
Did i get ripped off?

I don’t know if you got ripped off or not, but the cartridge is Chinese. Jack

Chinese Cartridge: 79 ==7,9mm 3=Month 36=36th year of Republic==1947; “sunburst”= NOT. It is a Chinese Copper coin, with square hole punched through it, called a “cash”. The holes were for stringing together in lots of 100 or 1000 (a “string of Cash” — Morrison of Peking, 1895, “An Australian in China”) There is an equivalence between a Tael of silver ( specially cast little silver Ingot) and so many “strings” of Cash; the Chinese “Dollar Mex” were Spanish Silver Pieces of Eight Reals, minted at Acapulco, in Mexico ( 1600s-1700s) and still considered currency as late as 1949. Silver was considered the only Currency in Imperial China, for over 2,000 years…Gold was simply for Jewelry.

The “Yuan” was supposedly based on the Silver “Dollar Mex” as to Value.

As to the Factory Identifier, the “Cash” mark is one of the Nationalist’s controlled factories…which one I don’t Know.

Doc AV

The mark designates Factory 20, which operated under Nationalist and, later, Communist authority. Jack