8mm ammo

Hey all!! Thanks for all the insight and camaraderie…

Can anyone help me identify this 8mm ammo??? Is it worthwhile, junk, safe, dangerous, etc??

image !

Yugo/Serbian. Excellent shooting ammo, but may be corrosive, so clean accordingly.


Thank you! I acquired a pile of it in an estate, and have no use for it. Is it valuable at all?

You find it for sale from 30¢ - 40¢ per round.
I have fired hundreds of rounds of this Serbian (Prvi Partizan) 8mm from the 50’s thru the 70’s and it mostly all goes bang, but there is about 8% issues from hangfires, split necks, split cases and even split heads. Most people avoid it in general.

Prvi Partizan is becoming popular in the US as general purpose practice ammo for older milsurp rifles and pistols. Their boxer primed ammo is packaged as PPU and has the PPU headstamp. Most nny headstamped Prvi Partizan ammo I’ve seen were berdan primed. But that is just an observation of what I’ve seen. Your results may vary.

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The use of the Western Alphabet letters PPU on all commercial ammunition is relative current. Previously to that, the commercial ammunition used the cyrillic word, which I have to made a faux representation of here as “nny.”

The commercial ammunition has had Boxer-primer type cases for some time. I do not believe the use of the “PPU” form identifies the primer type. Now, it is all non-corrosive, and of quite decent quality. I have shooting experience with it in 9 x 18 Makarov, 9 x 19 Parabellum, 7.9 x 57 mm, and .303 British, and to a lesser extent, 7.62 x 39. I have never had any ammunition failures with it. As mentioned here, the older stuff, primarily military surplus, is a mixed lot. I have no personal experience with most of it as shooting ammo, since as a reloader, I chose a long time ago not to ever bother with corrosive ammunition, no matter what the actual quality of it was (some of it is excellent quality, but always demands several consecutive and thorough cleanings. Had enough of that in the Army, as we were still using a lot of corrosive primer ammunition when I was in. About all the .45 ammo I ever saw was Evansville Chrysler WW2 stuff. Shot good - nary a problem of any kind - but a quite rust job on the weapon if it was not cleaned properly after use.

John Moss

Not in my neck of the woods; very popular for shooting and reloading.

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If some would actually read what I said… “Serbian (Prvi Partizan) 8mm from the 50’s thru the 70’s”.
I did not say anything about PPU non corrosive boxer commercially branded ammo of multiple calibers or anything other than what Sandman originally asked about.
PPU commercially branded ammo is top notch, non corrosive and yes boxer primed.
This 1950’s - 1970’s mil surplus “nny” 7.9 German (8mm Mauser), I have fired hundreds of rounds of in all these years and it is as I described it in my experience and others experience. Search a few blogs about it and you will find the same as I state.
Other “nny” corrosive primed surplus like 7.62x39 and 7.62x25, I have had no issues with and find them to be superior mil surplus in most respects.