8mm Austrian Mannlicher - ID help


I have two 8mm WWII Austrian Mannlicher rounds that I need some help identifying please:


I think the first one may be Bulgarian.

I believe the second is Hungarian and the IAA Headstamp lists Csepel Arsenal near Budapest as the manufacturer. However, I’ve also seen it listed as Allami Hadianyaggyar Ammunition factory, also in Budapest. Is anyone able to confirm which it is please?


Hello Darren,

No. 1: Darzhavna Voenna Fabrika, Kazanlak, Bulgaria.
No. 2: Állami Hadianyaggyár, Csepel, Hungary.



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Thank you Fede - greatly appreciated.

Fede, picked up cartridge #2 at a show last month. Never was able to find out much about it. Now I know. Thanks! Tom from Minnesota

Állami Hadianyaggyár (situated in Csepel) translates into Arsenal so there is no contradiction.

Question, 8x50R M93, or 8x56
M30 S( M34 Bulgarian, 31M Hungarian.
I have 8x56R “S” cases with exactly same headstamp asthe Bulgarian example…Bulgaria was buying in 1935 Czech (Bratislava Circle-M 8x50R as Kazanlak was changing over to 8x56R manufacture 1935…first Produced “S” cartrdges 1936, afaik.( my collection 1936-1944).
Doc AV

Hi Doc,
I’ve an inert Kazanlak 8x50R with an identical headstamp to that shown above, by Mayhem, dated 1936.
Hope this may be helpful.

Hi Doc - both the rounds I showed are 8x50R.