8mm Blank by Lake City?


Hello,I picked up a mauser with some ammo at a gun show.There was a GI 30-06 box with 20 blanks in with the ammo.I figured it was 06 or 308,but it is 8mm.The headstamp is L C 6 9.Is it homemade or factory?

It’s flanked by an 06 and 308.


1969 was about the last of the GI '06 ammo and LC never loaded any 8mm. Somebody made these up at the loading bench using the LC brass.



Thanks-kind of what I figured,but thought maybe I had something special ;).


This is almost certainly a theatrical blank, made up for use in rifles, or machine guns adapted to fire fully automatic with blanks. Where it was made, “homemade” or at a factory, would depend solely on your definition. It was probably made by a commercial firm, which I would call a factory, even if they had only basic loading machinery of the type used by home reloaders. It certainly was not made in that form and caliber by Lake City, but was formed from available .30-06 brass. You could probably find these blanks in many headstamps. There are many firms that make blank ammunition for the movie companies and other theatrical uses, including for use by WWII re-enactors. I don’t know which company made your blank.