8mm Blanks box by REM

I am curious what the purpose of these blanks may be. Seems a little early for movie blanks regarding WWII. Any thoughts?

Cartridges are similar to M1909 blanks with h/s “REM-UMC 8mm”.

Those are movie blanks, made on Remington supplied / purchased brass. Not exactly sure of the maker but most likely Stembridge. The darker brown sealing tape on this one hides a “PRIMED CASES” rubber stamp. I have an earlier JUL 2, 1942 dated box and these are also found as Black Powder loads for when smoke was needed. Most all but perhaps these earlier loads are known in both flash & smoke loadings and are found in 1/4, 1/2 and full strength. So at least 6 variations in most any movie blank, excepting the earlier loads. The red top wad meant smoke and a yellow{ish) noted a flash loading.
Movie blanks are known for all kinds of firearms from the Henry Rifle to the latest (unless a digital production) Si-fi movie.

Dave - there were quite a few war movies in 1942. Google “War Movies 1942” for some listings. Admittedly, not so many dealing with the European War - mostly taking place in Africa or against the Japanese. There were two John Wayne Movies. One was Flying Tigers; the other one I never heard of.

The 8 mm is not surprising even for films about fighting the Japanese. Not many Arisakas around in those days, but lots of the long German Gewehr 98, I assume acquired in or after WWI. Japanese often shown with those in early war films.

Thanks very much to both of you gentlemen. Very interesting.