8mm ? Cartridge for Identification

Recently received this cartridge. Some of you will probably know it right away but I am stumped.

Case Length: 2.187", 55.55 mm
Rim Dia.: .554", 14.07 mm
Head Dia.: .491", 12.47 mm
Bullet Dia.: .330", 8.38 mm
Neck Dia.: .364", 9.25 mm


No Headstamp


Bullet appears to be CNCS, boat-tailed, weighs 189.7 grains, 12.29 grams


8 x 52R Siamese on the left for comparison.


Nice find, there is an entry in the “ECRA database”, it is an austrian experimental military cartridge:
8x56R Mannlicher XPL model 1925.

Hi Randy,

Very nice find! It is an Austrian 8 x 56 R M. 25, a predecessor of the well known 8 x 56 R M. 30 (“Mannlicher”). This is an AP variant.



Thank you Fede and laurent; unless I missed it, it is not shown at municion.org, which is where I looked before posting here. It will fit in nicely with my 8 x 50R and 8 x 56R collections.