8mm Danish Krag

This is an 8mm Danish Krag produced by Haerens under German occupation as indicated by the green lacquering but what does the overstamped * mean?

The overstamp signifies a reloaded case, but I haven’t heard the green base/German connection before. My only green-base example is loaded as a green-tip wood bullet blank, without an overstamp.

Thanks Jon.
Conjays catalogue describes this round as 8mm Skarp Patron M.1908 (Wehrmacht)

Hmmm…because of the green base or the overstamp?

Good question! I’d assumed it’s because of the green base which must indicate something.
I’ve also got a blank with a green base but it’s a very much paler green.

In 1936 Denmark introduced a loose unit cartridge M 1908/36, this cartridge was labeled with a green background, many of the bullets were made of spent cartridges, the cartridges were marked with a star on the bottom at some point during the war the Germans took over the arsenal of ammunition and they were tubes were intended to resolve the spent cartridges Sharps cartridges, so there are sharp cartridges with a green background, the cartridges were manufactured in 1944 - 45