8mm for the Lee Speed rifle

I have read about a 8mm chambering for the Lee Speed rifle.
For what I read it was supposed to be the answer of British gunmakers to the Bannig for the .303" in India and Sudan.
Was it a .303 case opened to accept 8mm bullet or was it another rimmed 8mm?

It was the 8x50R Mannlicher ctg.

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The Version of the BSA rifle you are refering to is chambered for the 8x50R M93 cartridge, used in Austrian Mannlicher straightpull rifles M95 and other models.

Years ago, I acquired one here in Australia, which had come from India.
BSA started offering the 8mm chambering in 1907, when the prohibition in India and the Sudan came into effect ( .303, .450 and .577 calibres --barrel dimensions). THis gave rise to the “other” small bore calibres, and the .470 and .465 calibres to replace the .450, and the 577/500 in India in particular.

As the “India trade” was quite large, the new cartridges got a good marketing start.

India still manufactures the 8x50R cartridge, for a 8mm SMLE sporting rifle which is made for Civil use in India ( it is called the “.315 (Indian)”, and is a lower powered sporting version of the ZMilitary 8x50R cartridge.

India made its own 8x50R cartridges during WW II, as they had acquired large quantities of M95 rifles after the collapse of the Italians in East Africa in 1941…these were used for training and other secondary work, releasing SMLE rifles for use on the Burma Front. The Italians had in turn got these rifles as reparations from Austria, after WW I, and issued them to their Colonial Troops in East Africa.

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