8mm Lebel - American powder

Dear all,

I’m searching informations about American powder for 8mm Lebel cartridge.
Many Lebel packets are reloaded with American power, the code (headstamp) is CR. I rember that there is another one: FC code.
If you have any information about these, manufacturer, type of powder, etc …

Thank you for your help.


F.C. = ?
Package of 8 cartridges for machine gun

Hi Pierre-Jean,

F.C.= ? … that’s a good question
Your right, it’s FC and not F, I have done the modification in my first message.

Poudre AM= American powder, sometimes it’s "Poudre US"
F.C= ?
62 = Lot number
16 = 1916

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And another one.

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First, thank you for responding to this message; it’s really pleased!

For the powder “BF AM” I think it wants to say “American” because it’s powder is very old, she appeared in 1896.
In addition, all packages with “AM” are all shipments from U.S. powder.
For now, I do not have more information and I will make an analysis of the powder “AM” to analyze the contents and verify the presence of “alcohol Methyllic”

For the rest, thank you because we are moving forward at last.

I contact if I have more information in the future.

Thank you