8mm Lebel bullet marked on base


Does somebody know what type of bullet this is ?
( This is the back side of the bullet.)


hauptmann–Welcome to the Forum. You will find lots of people more than willing to try to help answer whatever questions you might have about ammunition. However, we really need a little more information. But, I will take a stab at identifying your bullet. If it is solid bronze and pointed, I think it is most likely a 8mm Lebel bullet. If it is not solid bronze, then I have no idea. A side view with more measurements would really help.


It is indeed an 8mm Balle D for the Lebel rifle. It was made by Aerator Systems Ltd of London in the UK under contract for the French government and was made in the third trimester of 1917.

Aerators made soda siphons in peace time and were thus equipped for metal working. They went on to develop the .303 inch Tracer SPK Mark VIIT which was essentially a French solid bronze bullet bored to accept tracer composition. This was the first successful British .303 inch tracer, tracing to 1,000 yards and remained in service until the end of WWI.



Thanks for the help .
Here are more pictures also.


“Bronze” is a Misnomer…it is 90/10 Brass,( no Tin) but this alloy is called “Manufacturing Bronze” by the industry (used mostly in heavy duty electrical fittings and marine work.)

There is a Video posted some time ago of a French Ammo factory producing 7,5MAS ammo, but the cut of Bullet making is turning Balle D
sometime in the 1920-1930s period mixed in with the cartridge case production.

Doc AV


With the prices of scrap metal these days there must be some money buried in the butts of old French ranges.


I bought some fired German 7,92x57mm rounds and they arrived today, I knew that the cases had replacement projectiles, and I knew that the majority of the cases would have originally had wooden platz projectiles, however I was suprised to find these 8mm Lebel projectiles with some interesting dates.