8mm Lebel casing markings

Can anyone shed some light as to why they stamped the side of the Lebel case with “FGE 8mm KROP”?

Thanks for the help.

Merely because it is a 8mm Kropatschek and no Lebel.

The marking of this 8 x 56/60 R Kropatschek should read “HEGE 8 mm KROP” and was made according to German regulations when the maker/caliber is not headstamped or not clearly identified. The firm Zeghaus Hege GmbH of Überlingen was a mayor surplus arms and ammunition dealer and still exists.

OK, now I feel like a tool…

There doesnt appear to be a huge difference in the Lebel and Kropatschek…

Kropatscheck ® - Lebel (L)
56mm case length - 54mm case length
.320" bullet Dia. - .324" bullet dia

Both cartridges looks like 8 mm Kropatschek variations. The neck lenght can vary as much as 6 mm, specially on blank loadings.

I’ll second Fede as the Lebel has a step in the side wall too.

Good Gravy… good thing I dont own a Lebel rifle…

Thanks for the info EOD and Fede!

I read someplace (probably on this forum) that the Guedes single shot and Kropatschek repeaters were purposely designed to allow the use of the 8X50R Austrian Mannlicher cartridges. I have not tested this information, but when compared visually, I think that the 8X50R Austrian Mannlicher looks more like the Kropatschek round than French made Lebel cartridges, with the exception of the case neck lengths. The Lebel is noted as one of the few cartridges with two different body tapers. I have a Kynoch made Lebel round that fudges the transition between the two angles, and I will say that it does resemble the Kropatschek at first glance.

Here is an easy test for the French Lebel. Lay the cartridge on a flat surface or against a straight edge. On the Lebel, the straight edge should touch the cartridge at the rim, not touch the cartridge from the base to the “first shoulder” then touch (or very nearly so) all the way from the first shoulder to the second (normal) shoulder. The other rimmed 8mm’s will only touch the straight edge at the rim and one other point. Manufacturing tolerances may make this test somewhat less than fool proof. Try it against some Lebels and other rimmed 8mm’s and you will see the difference.

Someone else in the web was so kind to take a comparison photo for us. Guess it says all.

8x56R Kropatschek…8x50R Austrian…8x58R Danish Krag…8x50R Lebel.

warrelics.eu/forum/military_ … 5-om-1.jpg

That`s a photo from one of my postings,happy to be of help…Pete.