8mm Lebel Headstamp

I do not have any 8mm Lebel cartridges in my modest collection. but I picked up two rounds today. I think they are by Cartoucherie Francais, but you tell me what it is:

12 O’Clock - C P (sideways)
9 O’Clock - 2
6 O’Clock - F (sideways) Cartoucherie Francais? If so, a government arsenal?
3 O’Clock - 4 8 (sideways)

Bullet is FMJ spitzer, attracted by a magnet.

Nothing to do with Cartoucherie Française

CP = Cartoucherie Paulet , F = metal supplier , 2 = second quarter, 48 = 1948.

They are “cartouche mle 1886N” with bullet “Mle 1932N”

The F metal supplier is: Trefileries de la Mediterranee Laminoirs, Saint-Louis, France. (formerly Societe de Marseilles)

Thanks for the great information, as I know zip about French ammunition. Who are these companies - military ammunition manufacturers or primarily commercial?