8mm Lebel Packet


What are these cartridges I have here


The quick and easy answer is that you have French 8mm Lebel rifle rounds.


All, or almost on the cartridge of 8mm Lebel



A very interesting site. However, at first read with my schoolboy French, I saw nothing about British or Vietnamese headstamps. Did I miss something or is that information not there?


8lebel.org/index.php?option= … Itemid=213

8lebel.org/index.php?option= … Itemid=778


Yes, that was a section I missed, thanks.


Thank you for the information


You have a packet of 8mm Balle N which was adopted in 1932 for use in the Hotchkiss machine gun. The boat-tailed bullet weighs 15 grams, has a cupro-nickel-clad steel jacket and a lead core. The designation “N” is said to stand for “Nouveau” (New); however, an experimental series of similar bullets was designated “L” for “Lourde” (heavy) and a second series designated “N”, that being the next unused letter in the alphabet (M was already being used for Balle M), so “Nouveau” is apparently just a coincidence, since no official document is known to use that designation. Design N11 is that which was adopted. A similar bullet weighing 12.6 grams (199 grains) was produced briefly during 1924. This was the Cartouche Mle 1886 C, the C standing for Chemisee (jacketed).