8mm Lebel Rev. H/S?


I recently got an odd French 8mm Revolver round. There is nothing strange or remarkable about the cartridge itself. Can anyone explain this headstamp? ( S.F.M / * / 10.042,D / * / )



I believe the SFM stands for Soci


The real mystery to me is the numbers at 6:00 (10.042,D).


D = Societe electro-mecanique de Dives [private works
D = Atelier de fabrication de Douai [Government

But nothing about the numbers is shown in my very old copy of the
French Government Ammunition Codes, but perhaps one of the French collectors might have the Answer.


The numbers onthe hstp are the numbers of the SFM drawing. lol !!


Thank you, Jean-Pierre. Is that a common headstamp in France? I have never seen that style before on any 8mm Lebel or SFM cartridge.


It is less common than the regular commercial or military hstps.