8mm Mannlicher 'P 1935'

Would an 8mm x 50mm Mannlicher with a headstamp of ‘P 1935’ be of Hirtenberger manufacture?
Or, as stated in Municion.org, is it a product of Sellier & Bellot, Prague for an Italian contract?

Hello Jim

you have the same headstamp on the 8x50r Lebel page of municion.org with the same explanation.


Jim & Domi, the information published at municion.org is not correct. These are Hirtenberger contracts for Italy and the box and crate labels are written in Italian language in two variations “Cart. Mannlicher” and “Cart. Schwarzlöse”, indicating its use in Mannlicher Mod. 1895 rifles and Schwarzlose Mod. 915 (7/12) machine guns. The Italian designation for this cartridge was “Cartuccia a pallottola mod. 893”.

The umlauted form of “o” in “Schwarzlose” is a mistake derived from Italian documents.

Nicely clarified! Thank you Fede.

Thank you Fede. Are this contract only in 8x50r Mannlicher or both Mannlicher and Lebel ammo?

Domi, I have never seen a picture or description of the Lebel packaging but I’m assuming it is also a contract for Italy. I forgot to mention that the 8 x 50 R Mannlicher labels are also marked “P. 1935”.