? 8mm Mauser/8mm MS & homemade 7.7X58 JAP?

I am new here, and I am 16. I started around the age of 10, and I have a couple of unknown cartridges:

From left to right: 8mm Mauser, Unknown, 30 Carbine, Unknown, 44 S&W Russian
They are both wildcats based off of 30-06 military cases. OAL of the 1st cartridge is 56mm, and the 2nd is 28.3mm. They are both 30 caliber.

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Thanks, Grant

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Wow, at the age of 10 I played with plastic toy soldiers, and at the age of 16 I played with my girlfriend. I had no ammo till something like 45 years of age (I lived in New York City). I wonder what the 4th item from the left is? I guess the 2nd from the left is a .30-06 transformed into a 7,9x57 Mauser or not?

Do you have a set of calipers that you can measure the bullet diameter, case length, and overall length on the DEN 43, and the inside neck diameter and overall length on the SL 54, (which looks very familiar, but I simply can not recall).

Having dimentions helps greatly in determining what a thing is…

Welcome aboard, Fred!

No, It is 30 caliber.
Thanks, Grant

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DEN 43: Bullet Diameter: .308, cartridge length 56.3mm OAL: 75.4mm
The SL 54 I got at a gun show in Vancouver Wa a few years back. Inside Neck Diameter: .308, OAL is around 28.2

Can I ask where you live? Not address. City and state.

Near Yacolt Wa

Cartridge show in Castle Rock twice a year sans Covid

Didn’t know that until now. Are there any more this year?

Vlad, you are telling us that you have wasted 40 years of your life? :-)


I had no guns and therefore no need for ammo until I moved out of NYC. And yes, I wasted 62 years all together, and hope to waste a bit more.


Yes, let us hope we can waste much more time (with ammo then)!

I am living in Germany, so what guns?

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Hey me too, March!

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I got my first gun when I turned 16. A 20 ga-22 under over with a .410 barrel attachment.

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You really needed the ammo in NYC…

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All I have is the DEN 43 is too long for .308 Win/7.62 NATO, too short for .30-06 Gov’t.

For some reason I am having trouble finding something with those measurements…

The WRA 8mm looks slightly longer than the DEN 43, and with the shoulder set back just a little, but that could be the angle that the picture was taken.

Other than that, I got nothin’.

The W.R.A. Co. 8 m/m Headstamp may be (?) an 8 x 56 Mannlicher Schoenauer cartridge.
When I was collecting 7.9 x 57 (8 x 57 mm) I once found a WESTERN 8 mm cartridge that I noticed had a case a little shorter than the rounds around it in my drawer, and it turned out to be an 8 x 56 mm MS, not a 7.9 mm “Mauser” cartridge.

I am not sure, without an accurate case length measurement.

Just pointing out the possibility.

John Moss

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The SL 54 might be Saint Lewis Ordnance Plant 1954, made into a Windcat, .30 cal x 1.1"? I cannot find my Wildcater reference guide, at 1:05 a.m.!

My first thought was .308 x 1.5" Barnes, but too short…

Did St. Lewis load the 7.62 x 24mm Spotter, which, while shorter, is the closest thing I could find?

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St.Lewis is a famous collector of 9x19mm ammo, St.Louis is the Ordnance Plant.


It is the length of an 8mm Mauser, or I have found 3 of those in completely different areas of each other.
Just to clarify.