8mm mauser ammo

I have a bunch of 8 mm Mauser with various headstamps let me know if there is any headstamp anyone else particularly looking for before I sell this off in one big lot

Might help to see pics or a list of the headstamps you have. There are thousands of possible “wants” out there.

There are WAY too many to do that I have almost 500+ rds that’s why I was asking if there is anyone that needs an individual headstamp

Ok, yes…I need many individual headstamps. What ya’ got?

Ammodude, welcome, but if someone wants a certain HS are you willing to go through it all to dig it out? You will get a much better response if you posted a list… or just sell the lot, I’m sure it’ll get sold either way.

Good luck

I’ll sell the whole lot too ! I dont have a lot of time to inventory all the headstamps but I guess I could when I have some down time

Yeah, I’m not sure you grasp the enormity of the 8x57mm family, or the question you are asking. Hundreds of guys could be looking for hundreds of headstamps (each).

I’ll start inventorying them and getting some headstamp numbers up for you guys

Happy hunting.

There are about 30 000 German head stamps/cartridges known (1888-1945)

I am still looking for 8000 I don’t have.