8mm Mauser charger "P327.39."

I usually pay more attention to ammo than chargers (sorry, not intentionally, Peter) so maybe this one is common, but I don’t remember seeing this before. Is the number supposed to match ammo in it? The ammo in it now does not match anything (not surprisingly)

Vlad - at the moment, I cannot mate “327” to a name. However, the codes, be they letter or numerical, on German chargers represent the manufacturer of the charger itself (and usually, but not always with the year of manufacture), not the ammunition. In the case of 327, they did not manufacture 7.9 x 57 cartridge cases, and probably didn’t load ammunition either.

Further, clips were salvaged and reused. It is not ususal to find a mint box for 15 rounds of
7.9 on chargers where none of the chargers have a marking the same as the ammo, or the same as each other.

A few makers such as Polte made both, and boxes can, in those cases, be found containing clips of the same manufacture, or of different manufacture, depending what was on hand when the ammunition was packed.

The ‘P’ code used at that time connects the item with its maker, in this case Zundapp Werke of Nurnberg. The suffix is the date of manufacture (does anyone know if this was the calender year?). When there was a change from ‘P’ codes to an alphabetic one in 1941 Zundapp was known by ‘eds’.

Zundapp are better known for their large military motor-bicycle and sidecar, a bit like a BMW on steroids. After the war they made smaller motor-bicycles and an odd miniature car (a la mode at the time), where the whole front of the vehicle swung open to act as a door.

Happy collecting, Peter

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The German manufacturer codes can be found here.

vaabenhistoriskselskab.dk/bl … r_list.php