8mm Mauser - Egyptian ... maybe!


Cartridge and headstamp.

Enlarged headstamp.

I have this cartridge listed in my collection as a 8mm Mauser, Egyptian headstamp. This should translate into a 7.9x57JS, but in view of it’s
having a wooden bullet, I cannot measure it correctly. Also I have no idea where I came up that it was Egyptian, I guess I thought it looked Egyptian!

Case length: 2.24 - Neck: 0.348 - Base: 0.466 - Shoulder: 0.427 ---------- “The more I measure, the worse I get!”

If anyone can assist in identifying the cartridge and translating the headstamp, I would greatly appreciate it.




the headstamp is

10’ Misr (= Egypt indeed)
2’ 55 (year 1955)
4’ 7,92 (to my knowledge Egypt had no 7 mm Mauser in use, but I’m not the expert)
7’ S (difficult to read, maybe a Sh?)



I have a case with the same hds in my collection. I listed it as Egyptian too, and my reference books confirm this. Yes, it is a 7.92 x 57 mm

Your round looks like a blank load, but I am not an expert about 7.92 mm Mauser variations



it is a noise blank.



Pivi and Hans,

I would like to thank you both for your prompt replies. Not only did you confirm my identification, you added to the cartridge use and description of the headstamp!

I suspect that for most of us, cartridge collection is a solitary hobby. Most are not fortunate enough to have fellow collectors in our neighborhood to share the enjoyment and information in our hobby. But with IAA, and members like you, we can have friends throughout the world. It’s a nice feeling…

Again, thank you…




“7’ S (difficult to read, maybe a Sh?)”

Probably for Shoubra, Factory #27.


it was a pleasure and I agree, this forum is an enrichment to our collector’s world.

I can’t see clearly, small as the picture is, but I’m rather 90% convinced it is an S ( س ) To abbreviate Shoubra it takes a Sh ( ش ). I’m however fully with you, it was made in the Shoubra plant, later #27.



Definitely Egyptian. Years ago I bought quit a bit of these banks from Navy Arms. They work pretty well in a FN49 with a blank firing adapter if you just want to make some noise! They came in 50 round boxes with a mixture of three different headstamps. Here is a box label which doesn’t help me out much, all I can read are the numbers!


Not probably Shoubra, guys. It IS from Shoubra, also known as Factory 27.

John Moss



the box label reads from top:

Plant 27
50 Naked Cartridges Cal. 7,92 mm (that’s what ﻋﺎرﯾة means! Guess that is the earlier way to say Blank, later it is ﻓﺸﻨﻚ)
Circumstance (?)…195 (195 stands for the 1950s, the exact year not filled in
Packaging…gram (load?)




Thanks a lot for the translation!! I have often wondered what the Arabic labels I have say. The mystery for this one is now cleared up for me.



don’t expect to many variations, if it is boxes from the same country the SAA box label contents is very static. This however is the first Egyptian label (and the earliest) that I see offering space for primer information.



Wow, is my face ever red!! After reading Hans’ translation I realized I had posted the wrong label. The one posted is for Ball cartridges with the same headstamp as the 3rd (bottom) round in the picture.
Here is the correct label for the blanks. It looks like there is a piece missing from the bottom of the label. I will see if I can find where I have the other boxes stored and find a complete one.
Sorry for the mix-up!!


Phil, if the “naked” one above is a ball round, I now wonder what this now translates to. Will find that out after a few hours of sleep. The other info on the label here is the same. Also I wonder what both green stripes stand for, in later years tracers have it.



Here is the entire label for the 50 round blank box.


I know everybody had already found out and this is just for the records: it is a 44 rd box.



I had always assumed (and that is a dangerous thing) they were 50 round boxes, but I never counted what was in a box. I wonder why the odd number? The ball rounds come in 50 round boxes.


It is interesting that some Canadian ammunition in caliber 7.9 x 57 mm, with the anonymous headstamps (no maker and phony dates) was packed in 44 round cartons, also. I used to have a lot of it for use in my K98k but was looking for it the other day and couldn’t find it. Guess I gave it away, since I rarely shoot the Mauser due to is fine condition and collector value now. They were all just “shooters” when I acquired mine years ago. The count of 44 rounds does seem odd. I can’t relate it to any specific magazine capacities of any weapons, but itself or divided evenly by any number.

John Moss


I have no idea about the weapons they were meant for, maybe magazine fed MG?



John – Not only do both boxes contain 44 rounds but they look almost the same also.