8mm Mauser no headstamp

All, just hours after finishing cataloging my dads collection I came home from a new cartridge/gun club with a box of ammo. Seems I’ll be busy for a while. Anyway, the first cartridge I pull is labeled as a possible Japanese cartridge but from what I remember the segmented primer crimps were more profound than the specimen showed in the picture below. The only thing that keep me from chalking it up as a reload is the case neck seal… please let me know if I’m looking too much into it, just curious what’s out there…total weight is 359 grains.

Jim Miles photo

It seems to be a 7.9x57 Incendiary Japanese Army for machine-gun use in aircraft.
The identification is the case mouth seal or the flat tip on the explosive cartridge.

Thanks that’s awesome! It’s a good looking round that I wanted to know more about… I haven’t seen good quality jap rounds like that since I was a kid looking at my dads collection.

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