8mm Pieper Revolver

Mexico adopted the 7 shot Belgian gas seal Pieper revolver in 1893. The 8mm Pieper cartridge looks like the Russian M1895 Nagant round except the Pieper is slightly longer. Russian Nagant rounds won’t chamber because they are slightly too wide close to the head. I was wondering if anyone has data on the 8mm Pieper round, such as bullet weight, diameter, velocity, etc.? Thank you in advance for checking.

Bullet diameter appears, curiously, to be .286 inches. A 106 grain FMJ appears to have been fired at 1150 fps for 311 ft pounds.

8 mm Pieper, 8 x 41mmR. Developed by Henri Pieper of Liege Belgium as the first mass produced gas tight revolver, listed by some as the M1889 while others list it as the M1890. Pieper also designed several rifles that used this cartridge. George Roth (G.R.) case pattern #426. The principle of the Pieper revolver gas sealing cylinder was adopted by Russia as the 7.62 x 38mmR Nagant revolver in 1895. No velocities are listed for the 8 mm Pieper, while the muzzle velocity of the 7.62 Nagant is listed at 951 ft. (290 meters) per second.

Three bullet load types- lead flat nose at (average weight) 129 gr, flat nose metal cased at 126 gr or a multi ball loading with 3 round lead balls at 133 gr total bullet weight. Ammunition was produced in Europe and the U.S.A. until the late 1920’s.

Bullet diameter = .316” - .325” (8.02 – 8.25mm)
Neck diameter = .288” - .299” (7.22 – 7.60mm)
Case head diameter = .338" - .340” (8.60 – 8.65mm)
Case rim diameter = .387” - .397” (9.82 – 10.10mm)
Case length = 1.611” – 1.618” (40.92 – 41.10mm)

Information from-
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Some representative catalog listings of the 8 mm Pieper, from the IAA Reference section, catalog PDFs ( cartridgecollectors.org/ammunition-catalogs ):

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cartridgecollectors.org/content/ … %20UMC.pdf (page 22)

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cartridgecollectors.org/content/ … atalog.pdf (page 191)


Many thanks for the 8mm Pieper cartridge data.

Attached are images of a Mexican Govt. Pieper revolver below a Russian M1895 Nagant. Also a round of UMC 8mm Pieper (left) beside a round of 7.62 Russian Nagant (right).