8mm PmK-Trop Cutaway


(Phoshor mit Stahlkern-Tropen) PmK-Tropical, pointed bullet with steel core, incendiary (API) Tropical. Black primer annulus and neck sealant. White phosphorous (removed) incendiary that lies behind steel core, with lead bottom. Headstamps: ayv/s*/5/42, amp/s*/5/42. One had square powder, the other stick. Developed for German Luftwaffe (Air Force) as a high velocity machine gun ammunition. Thanks for looking, wolfgang.


The cartridge loaded with the stick powder was most probably a -v- loading, while the square flake would be standard velocity. JH


I think you have misread the headstamps on the two cases as neither of the codes noted exist in German 7.9mm ammunition. Just guessing, but I think they probably are avu S* 5 42 (PmK –v- Trop.) and emp S* 42 5 (PmK Trop.). Both would be with black annulus and case mouth and the PmK –v- Trop. would also have had a green band around the bullet. The –v- (and green band) denotes the improved (hi-velocity) type as noted by Jim.


Beautiful sections, as always. Thanks for sharing them.


Correct pbutler, dead nutz on the headstamps. Thanks for the correction, I should have checked it first. Thought they were both the same until dumping the powder out which thru me for a loop. Although neither had the green stripe, not saying it didn’t get worn off before me. Glad you are enjoying them VinceGreen, happy to show off.


Thanks for showing.

Here is a cut from 1942.


wolfgang - I should have mentioned how much I enjoy looking at your sectioned cartridges. You sure do nice work. Keep them coming!!


Excellent sectioned rounds! I love the design / shape of the inner core. Thanks for posting.