8mm projectile packed

who knows why these each are packed


I don’t know. But I’ve seen competitive precision shooters at a shooting range loading EACH round separately right on the range table and shooting them one at a time. Maybe it is packaged like that for such a purpose.

While some shooters certainly load rounds individually, I doubt they would package each bullet in a separate envelope, which looks to be professionally made.
The highly visible red S (S caliber, 8.22 mm) in my view indicates that these come from a place where also J caliber (8.1 mm) bullets were in use, to avoid confusion. This seems to indicate some civilian institution where the language was German (“Gramm”, “Vollmantel”, “12,8” not “12.8”). Civilian is also supported by “8 mm” (military would be 7.9 mm or 7.92 mm). Nevertheless, even for reference or proof ammunition you need quite a number of bullets. To me it remains a riddle why these bullets were packed one per envelope. It would make sense if individual bullet mass was given on each envelope, but that is not the case as far as I can tell.

Souvenirs to be passed out at trade shows or something like that?