8mm Rimfire Schlachtpatrone für Großvieh


Here Box and ammo…The date on the base of the box is D53U…everybody should knew how to read RWS codes…
It is just after introduction of the SINOXID primer compound. Thats why in the box was a long leaflet, explaining the Invention and the pro´s for this “new” primingcomposition…
Copper case, zinc-bullet, dims are close to a 320 Rimfire, but different rim (with 9,4mm) and shorter case with 15mm. The bullet has a wax-coating…



Peter, nice box, thanks for sharing. This cattle killer loading has the same dimensions as a standard .320 Revolver made by RWS, that for some reason are different from most American and European cartridges. As you mention above, the rim is smaller (9.38-9.40 vs. 9.52-9.67 mm) and the case is longer (15.45-15.63 vs. 11,86-15.31 mm). Same occurs with the .380 variant, having the minimum rim diameter and the maximum case lenght.

Here is a scan from the Jehn 1933 catalog showing various devices using this 8 mm/.320 rimfire cartridge: