8MM Rimfire shotgun shell **Photos added**

A friend of mine recently acquired a single shot shotgun chambered in 8mm
It shoots an all brass rimfire 8mm crimped shell.
This is the first I have heard of this round.
I was able to acquire a few rounds of the ammo from him.
Anyone have history on this round?

Hi Tom, it was designed by Remington for clay target shooting at 15 yards oriented to unexperienced public and both the shotgun, cartridge and shooting range were named “310 Skeet”. The shotgun was made by CBC in Brazil, who also made some the rounds and named them with several names like “8 mm CBC”, “8 mm (.310) para espingarda” and “8 mm (.310”) Skeet”. The round is based on the .32 Long Rimfire case.

Thanks for the info.
The box of shells is Yellow/Blue and made by CBC, see photos.
I also included a photo of the instruction manual for the special clay thrower that was developed for this purpose.
The owner of the shells also has the rifle and the thrower…a very nice package!

Tom, that’s a nice “Expresso” box and also exist in .22 LR shot. The Portuguese word for “Trap Shooting” is “Tiro Expresso”.

This is the CBC Mini-Skeet set:

That is exactly the package that my friend just purchased
He has all the items you show and abot 5 boxes of shells
Does anyone still manufacture these guns or ammo??

Tom, I think that the remaining stock of these CBC Mini-Skeet packages was imported by Navy Arms in the 1980’s, which also offered .310 cartridges specially made for them with “V” headstamp. My last CBC catalog offering this cartridge is dated 1986.

Here are some photos of the CBC cartridges:
Curious if these would work in a .32 Rimfire revolver? Not that I plan to try it!