8mm Sjogren

Idly turning the pages of the Cartridge Collectors Notebook by CH Yust I found, on page 85 a reference to a cartridge for an automatic rifle with the designation ‘8mm Sjogren’.

Does anyone know of any references to this rifle, drawings, catalogues, patent applications &tc? Was it ever produced in volume? Was it charger loaded? Was it unique in any way?

Many thanks, Peter

The Sj

A sample part of a page from Roger Marsh’s work on the Sj

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I contacted my former colleague and good friend Mike Carrick, and as usual, he had, from his own fantastic bibliography, answers about Sj

John, I believe that the 8mm mentioned by Yust is more well known in Scandinavia as the 7.62x62 Sj

In an August 1, 1908 Small Arms Committee (British) report, the Sjogren system was brought to the attention of the Chief Inspector of Small Arms by a Captain Dundas of Birmingham. Dundas presented one rifle using a

I was about to post the data from the British SAC Reports but David beat me to it.

I can add some further details though.

Sjorgren held British Patents 14661/01, 26868/03, 10698/08, 14223/09 and 14926/09.

The rifle tested by the SAC inAugust 1908 was 3’ 9.6" long and weighed 8lbs 10 1/2 oz.

Following the tests, the SAC expressed “considerable interest” and recommended purchase of a rifle. This was not approved but they bought a shotgun instead. This was dismissed by CSOF (Chief Superintendent of Factories) in November 1908 as “highly dangerous”.

I will be at Bisley next week and will see if I can access the archives. They may still have a copy of the 1908 report.

In 1912 the rifle was tested again. The Director of Artillery asked Vickers to test the rifle and they reported back via CISA on 26th April 1912.

This rifle was the same length and weight as the earlier example but was in 7mm calibre (presumably 7 x 57mm) with a 154grn pointed bullet and a charge of 51.9 grns NC. V90 was 2689 fps and V500 1702 fps. The rifle had a 4 groove RH twist.

The serial numbers of the two rifles tested by Vickers were 22 and 23 so we know at least that many were made.


Very good stuff! I am surprised that they seem to have made so many of the Sj

Here is the picture WBD mentioned: