8mm x 50mm Mannlicher

Would I be correct in think that this dummy cartridge is actually of Bulgarian manufacture despite the German headstamp? I seem to recall reading somewhere that the clue was in the ‘chiseled’ primer anvil.

Bulgar or not Bulgar, that is the question.

The Roth-Berdan Patent Anvil is typical of all WW I Austro-Hungarian and Bulgarian made 8x50 R Mannlicher cases ( and also all export AH ammo).

Now the markings… is it “PM” or is it “RM” ( Cyrillic transliterated to Latin alphabet?).

All the Bulgarian WW I ammo should be “CA” ( cyr. for Sophia Arsenal); some read this as “AC”.

The only other “Bulgarian”: 8x50R used in WW I would be the 1904-5 SFM contract cases (Reloads/old stock/etc) and imported AH made ammo. (Normal AH headstamps)
Germany also made 8x50R ( as did Tsarist Russia–unheadstamped); German examples are well documented ( Polte).

Could “PM” mean Polte Magdeberg? or Polte Mannlicher?

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.

These are Bulgarian dummies. I had a complete packet of them with mixed headstamps, some of which were these Polte Magdeburg ones. Mine were in as new condition and had blue wood bullets.

Doc - The “PM” is the classic Polte Magdeburg headstamp. With respect to “foreign” ammunition I have it also on 8mm Lebel and 7.62x54mm.


Here are some pictures with different types of Bulgarian Dummy cal. 8x50R

Thank you all.