8x25.4mm Cartridge

Is this just a rimless version for the various blank/gas firing handguns?
8mm diameter and 25.4mm long. Aluminium case with red wad or paint.


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I think this is 8x25 Schuler, Germany.
I have another variant:
sch sch1 sch12

This case type was first made by Geco with brass case for the Schüler pistol from the 1930’s, but these aluminum cased examples are of post-war manufacture by Diemuni and Wadie for the Wadie and HS 4 pistols. Red is gas and blue is blank.



for Fede ,the blue is not the CN gas load ?

No, this is the old code where blue is blank and red is gas. Current code used by Wadie in other cartridges is light blue for CN gas and red for pepper.

this cartridge would be old
i know that light blue is “normal” CN charge and dark blue is “supra charge” but is for 8mmK and 9mm PAK