8x42R M88D, 8x51 M88H "short Mauser" bullets

I’m looking for any info about the bullets of this two (inerted) cartridges. Are they factory loads? I remember reading that the 8x42R only had jacketed bullets, but I do not remember the source of this information.
BD: 8.32mm or .327 for the 8x42R, and 8.17mmm or 0.321 for the 8x51.
The jacketed one is a softpoint - hard to see from the picture.
I did not pull them so far so the weights are not currently known.
8x42r 8x51

Firstly regarding whether the RWS 8x42R you have is a factory load is difficult to answer: The majority of 8x42R examples I have seen are either FMJ or flat nose SP. The DWM casebook lists a variety of bullet types including Plain Lead and an example (quite similar to yours) is shown here.
However RWS bullet options are not so easily found for these < 1930 cartridges. Factory catalogs list both FMJ & SP as the following drawing shows:

So while that bullet type was loaded in that case it appears it was only done by DWM and not RWS.

Regarding the 8x51, DWM catalogs and the case book do list a range of SP, HP and FMJ bullets but not apparently the one you show, which I have not identified nor seen in an 8x51 case before. As your case is unloaded I would suggest the bullet you have is a “stuffer” and not a standard factory load.

However, more examples of either, especially coming from packets (scarce for the 8x42R) could prove otherwise…

Thank you for your answer! I always had the feeling something is not okay here.
However, i did pull the bullet of the 8x42R, it is 147 grains, and by looking at the residue on the inner side of the neck, I would say the bullet was sitting there for quite some time. But that’s just my unexperienced eyes.