8x50 Mannlicher (F.P.)

Here an 8x50R Mannlicher from Italy (1925)
Does anyone know what F. P. means?
I know it’s the inspector’s initials, but I don’t know the name.
Thanks in advance



Given that the P is the first-name,
Pietro/ Paolo/ ??? Other?
And surname ?F…?
Probably only involved with 8×50R manufacture…not seen on normal
6.5 calibres, from Bologna.

Giovanni, any help???
Doc AV

On Fede’s fantastic list of Italian inspectors, he shows the initials F.P. as those of Fusco Pasquale (in the American order of names, Pasquale Fusco), as “Capo Tecnico” (Chief Technician) at Labroatorio Pirotecnico de Capua, 1897-1909 and 1910 and then as "primo capo tecnico (First Chief Technician) at "Laboratorio Pirotecnico di Bologna, in 1913. Considering the length of service for some of these inspectors, it is not impossible that he was also at Bologna later than that. Another part of Fede’s list shows an unknown “F.P” at Bologna in 1922-1928 and that he inspected 6.5 x 52 cartridges in the years 1923, 1925 and 1926. There is not mention of the 8 x 50R however, although obviously it exists. Whether or not the “unknown” inspector “F.P.” was actually Fusco Pasquale can only be a matter of conjecture for me.

John Moss

Thanks friend !!!, very good memory !!! I had never seen 8x50R with Italian headstamp of these characteristics. That’s why I wanted to share it and also learn.