8x50R "50 cart.1937" box

I asked a question about this “M.8 1937” headstamp before viewtopic.php?f=8&t=13541&p=95917&hilit=mannlicher+1937#p95917. Now, is this box a Hirtenberger export to Italy? Is it meant for Italian military? Was the actual box made in Italy? It has an unusual design, somehow reminds me of Italian ammo boxes.

All I can say is I have several export loadings by Hirtenberger and they are in boxes of same type with inner flap tung sticking throgh front and same lid and label over edge pasting.


These are supposed to have been made by Hirtenberger for Italy as payment for war ( WWI) damages, such as the Carcano cartridges headstamped " * 1936"

Vlad, this is a confirmed Hirtenberger product and shows typical characteristics of their production during that era: box construction, cryptic label and cryptic headstamp. The ammunition was packed in clips stamped M.8.

These are my specimens

the first has the steel ball, black ring
the second differ only for the plated tombac ball, black ring
the third is always from Hirtemberger for Italy, with steel ball

The 8x50R ammo (and the 1936 6,5) was made to fill the need for this calibre in the AOI (Italian East Africa) where the 8x50R M95s were mostly issued to the Native Levies in large numbers.

The War in Abyssinia (Dec.35-March36) used up all the 20 year-old WW I Austrian reparations and capture 8x50R ammo, and Italy ordered from the (Private) Hirtenberger Company to fill the gap.

NO question of "War reparations " at this late stage, as both Germany and Austria had by 1934 repudiated all the Versailles and St. Germain treaties restricting Military production. Hirtenberger’s Owner, was also involved with several “shady” deals of both M95 Rifles and M1903 Greek rifles with Italy ( the M95s eventually went to the Austrian Gov’t, and the Greek Rifles, via BREDA, to Greece.).

Doc AV