8x50R Headstamp ID

I have an 8x50R that I can’t find the origin of the headstamp for. I am sure it is listed or discussed somewhere but so far my search has not revealed much at all.

Can anyone suggest the origin of this cartridge and the manufacturer etc ?

It’s the one on the left with the darker patina

Thanks in advance

Your cartridge is Italian, made at Pirotecnico di Bologna in 1936. The “T.M.” represent the intials of the chief inspector, and are given with the initial for the family name first. “T.M.” are for Turani Mario (or in the American fashion, Mario Turani) who was the Inspector at Bologna during the 1930s. Some sources show from c.1929-1939. The same headstamp is found on other calibers, such as 9 mm Glisenti, and the two Official rifle Calibers, 6.5x 52 and 7.35 x51.

John Moss (from various sources)

Italy had thousands of M95 &M90
Steyr Mannlichers from WWI booty and reparations.
These were issued to Colonial Native troops in Italian East Africa.
After the Abyssinian war of 1935-36, supplies of WWI Austro-Hungarian 8x50R Ammunition
was running low, Italy ordered new ammo from Hirtenberg ( M 1937) and from its own Ammo factories.
Bologna and Capua.
The Hirtenberg cases have the Roth .199" (5mm) central flash hole Berdan Primer; I don’t know whether Bologna copied this, or simply used the M91/95 primer, .204 Twin flash Berdan, as in 6,5 and 7.35???

Doc AV