8x50R help

I have this 8x50R cartridge and suspect it is Hungarian.
Although please correct me on this if I’m wrong.
According to what I can research it seems that long before1943 the 8x50R was superseded by the 8x56R.
Did Hungary manufacture still for the 8x50R as late as 1943 ?

Thanks in advance for any responses

What you are showing here is a 8x56R. Could you check case length again?

The A and H intertwined on the headstamp is the mark of Állami Hadianyaggyár, Csepel, Hungary.

Checked again and definitely 8x50R.

I have shown Bulgarian 8x56R for reference which I should have done initially.

Apologies for the poor photo quality

Could you check the case mouth for presence of the case coating?
Somehow it looks like a reformed (and shortened) 8x56R case.

I’ll have another look, what you suggest is something I could agree with also.
However I will research some more before I concede entirely to the idea of a shortened 8x56R case

This thread 8x50R Austrian Mannlicher ID

seems to shed some light on the discussion.

Apparently the Hungarians made some emergency (I can’t imagine anything but during wartime) cartridges to suit their older Steyr/mannlichers not yet rechambered to 8x56R.
Indeed the Hungarians were the only ones to use steel cases.


Have similar rounds with Hungarian hs dated 42-44. Came in boxes labelled Farnsworth Reloading Service and was lead to believe they were converted by FRS in '60s from 8x56r to 8x50r when former ctg was available with no guns and 8x50r scarce.

Yes a likely explanation of the cartridge in question. It seems very plausible, but why choose steel cases over brass cases which are and were more readily available throughout the course of time.

Doc AV explains similar situation in the thread posted above, although that option is purely a Hungarian one.

Also not to exclude that this cartridge was reformed long after the war by somebody else in need of 8x50R.

Yes, what Orange suggests above. I tried to contact Farnsworth reloading service on the off chance they may have records of their past but they don’t appear to have an email address. So maybe this one will stay in the ether.

Farnsworth was a New Hampshire, ca. 1960’s 70’s perhaps 80’s or early 90’s reloader so good luck with a web site.

I agree these were made for the rifles & have one with a brass case.

I too think it’s an after the fact reform job. Many years ago I bought a box of what I thought were 7.62 m/m Russian rimmed cartridges (at that time hard to come by) only to discover they had been reformed to 8 x 50R (M93) Mannlicher. They were useless to me other than as an object lesson. Jack