8x50R ID

So you mean a cartridge case?
The bullet is the missing thingy that normally resides in front of the powder. And a shell is usually the grenade in front of the powder in artillery calibers.

And please ad a picture from the side and lots of measurements.
A picture with no scales of any sort is next to impossible to interpet properly.

Hi there, I’m sorry about the wording, English is not my native language.
Yes, I was reffering to cartridge case, I’ve made additional pictures as per your advise (will do several uploads).

It should be an Austrian 8x50 Mannlicher case, probably dated 1888.

Looking with magnifier glass, was able to identify a 38, could be 1938 or 1838?
Thanks for your message!

If you soak it in vinegar and then rub it with soft cloth or an old t-shirt, you’ll see what it says much more clearly.

Will do that, thanks!

Your first image is actually upside down. A typical austrianmilitary headstamp like this should have the first 2 numbers of the year at 9 o’clock and the last two at 3 o’clock. So the year should be 1888, with the right side of the final 8 hard to read, but it cannot be a 3.

Its 8x50 Mannlicher M93 , HS - 18 / II / 88 / GR / ,Austro- Hungarian Empire. On the roman number 2 a cross is stamped out, which means the second elaboration.