8x50R Lebel - B headstamp

I’m looking for information what means B letter on this 8x50R Lebel case.


  • primer is repeatedly hit
  • shape of neck looks like from a blank cartridge with cardboard or wooden bullet


B is not a manufacturer, but a code to denote it is an “Inert cartridge”. Hope that helps.

These cases were made from 1909 to 1911 and denote lighter case and were loaded only as blank loads with green paper bullets.

Did only VIS plant use such headstamp?

Maybe you have a list with possible variants B signs for these years.

Not only VIS.
ATS, ADI and DTE are also known.
They are supposed to be loaded as blank by “Le Bouchet”, hence the B code. At that time, the establishment “Le Bouchet” loaded all the blank cartridges.

May be Le Bouchet, but could also be Blanc, as in Tir en Blanc ( white fire, or the old musketry white smoke blank ( no ball).
From which the English “Blank” comes from.
Doc AV