8x50R Lebel "S.F.M. * GG * "

How does one date these headstamps?

Looks like “Export” SFM to Non French customers after WWI, which had received large quantities of French Rifles During or After 1918 ( Poland, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Romania,
? Italy?
SFM continued this “Commercial” Export process after WWII, with SFM stamped .30,M2, ( “Balle O”) and other military calibres.

Given the type style, IMO, it is 1920s or even 30s.
Any other input???

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this Hstp is présent on SFM factory draws between 1906 to 1910,
First on the same draw from 1906 with mark IE.D (spécified for French Government) ,
the other with * ( not SFM classic star) specified for commercial use .
The no classic star was see on draw for commercial CTG with bullet S
also see on the CTG for stand (civil use) made by SFM ( 1/1 Blind Cu & lead).
Perhaps re-use from case in new condition in excédent from theses years .
Difficult to have more info about theses temporary choices, quantity of documents are destroyed in Issy les Moulineaux during the flood from river Seine in 1910, certains copys of datas are saved in other place in Paris, but not all.
Bsrg, Dan


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